What Exactly Is Intrinsic Biomechanics?

What Exactly Is Intrinsic Biomechanics? To the uninitiated, there is often an assumption, and sometimes confusion, about the TYPE of ‘biomechanics’ we specialise in here at the Biomechanics Education Academy. Therefore this weeks Juicemail is dedicated to offering YOU, the reader, more clarity with this glossary of definitions;   DEFINITIONS Biomechanics The study of the mechanical…


Do You Make Assumptions?

Do You Make Assumptions?   Often I hear and see people make assumptions in our industry. Articles I read are so often written based on assumptions, lacking context for clarity. Within our academy, we discuss the idea that the body is a master of compensation. Now, this is for a variety of reasons & also…


What Could You Do 1% Better Today?

So 2018 is here and you’re left wondering where the hell 2017 went…? Did you make any new year resolutions for 2018? Did you successfully achieve last years resolution? Do you feel you could have done more in 2017? Personally, I have always wondered why people wait for Dec 31st to create change when changes…


How Strong Are Your Core Values?

My core values are something I am extremely aware of all the time.   One of Biomechanics Education’s strongest core values is; Our Responsibility To Our Learners. We always want to look after those in the Biomechanics Education academy ‘family’ and maybe this business is in fact, a second family? It certainly feels like it…


Ever Heard Of Occam’s Razor ?

Me neither until I began listening to my latest audible investment from The Great Courses Series ‘Mind-Body Medicine – The New Science Of Optimal Health’ by Jason M Satterfield.   A really fascinating book throughout but in chapter 31 he really caught my attention when he described Occam’s Razor because it really is the ethos…


Understanding Your Nerves

Nerves have been described as the software of the body and to be able to understand this more thoroughly we have to build an understanding of ‘nerve tension’ and ‘Adverse Neural Tension’. These concepts have been recognised for over 100 years in terms of treating patients clinically, but their full potential has never been understood…


28/11 SO WHAT?

28/11 SO WHAT?   Having come from a fitness/exercise profession background with some sports massage skills my knowledge of clinical ‘stuff’ is understandably limited. Although having a mentor and good friend who is a chartered physiotherapist, remedial gymnast and recreational therapist to question on a daily basis for the last 10 years has helped me…



NO, I DAMN WELL CAN’T!   So there will be endless opportunities coming up for PT’s everywhere this week/month BUT be prepared to be faced with a common problem and misconception I have experienced for the entire 25 years of my career. It never ceases to amaze me how many people approach me expecting literally…



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