Risk Reduction & Intrinsic Biomechanics

Irrespective of the sports your clients perform, the type of training or exercise they do, or indeed at what level, preparation of their Intrinsic biomechanics is an important part of their training programme and is essential to complement their physiological and functional training and screening. The practical application of Intrinsic biomechanical screening can be used…


The Happiness Baseline

Ever Heard Of The Happiness Baseline?   Have you ever read one of those stories about a lottery winner who celebrated when they won lots of money, however they then soon discover that the money doesn’t actually increase their happiness long term? Their ‘happiness’ goes back to their happiness baseline.   So what is the…


What Exactly Is Intrinsic Biomechanics?

What Exactly Is Intrinsic Biomechanics? To the uninitiated, there is often an assumption, and sometimes confusion, about the TYPE of ‘biomechanics’ we specialise in here at the Biomechanics Education Academy. Therefore this weeks Juicemail is dedicated to offering YOU, the reader, more clarity with this glossary of definitions;   DEFINITIONS Biomechanics The study of the mechanical…



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