Are You Confused?

Are You Confused?   Have you been wondering what all this fuss is about Biomechanics Coaching™? Does it leave you feeling confused and wondering how on earth it can help you or your clients? Maybe you’re anxious that it is far too complex for you to apply within your PT sessions?   Well, let me…


Did You Know Bacon Can Cure Nosebleeds?

‘Bacon Can Cure Nosebleeds’ was an actual study done by researchers!   When you read research papers along with all the details surrounding them it really is quite fascinating and certainly, makes you think. Take this scientific study ‘Bacon Can Cure Nosebleeds’ as an example…. According to a study conducted by Ian Humphreys and his…


The ‘Weak Core’ Epidemic!

The Problem   The ‘Weak Core’ Epidemic – everyone is talking about it but what is it exactly? You get a new client and they say they want to strengthen their core. Maybe they have a sore lower back or have recently been to a therapist who suggested they need strengthen their core.   Sound…


THE Cadaver Experience

Do you wish you could see what we REALLY look like on the inside? Are you fascinated by anatomy? Do you wonder why people move the way they do? Would you like an anatomy experience like no other? Do you want an opportunity to ask the experts about REAL A&P? Would you like to see…



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