NO, I DAMN WELL CAN’T!   So there will be endless opportunities coming up for PT’s everywhere this week/month BUT be prepared to be faced with a common problem and misconception I have experienced for the entire 25 years of my career. It never ceases to amaze me how many people approach me expecting literally…


Why Go To The Dentist?

We regularly test every system in our body to predict problems except our musculoskeletal system – WHY??   Yearly eye test Regular hearing tests Dentists once a year Wellman/Wellwoman screening Breast screening Cholesterol testing Blood pressure testing   Yet with the musculoskeletal system we literally WAIT until we have symptoms before we seek help! Usually…


Abdominal Injuries – Hernia

Do you know what one looks like? Do you know what to do when your client has a hernia? Do you have a clear idea of what to do if you or someone you know has one?   There are many different causes of abdominal pain, but despite being quite common, there is little written…


You Want To Move More Freely, Right?

You want to move more freely, right? Your clients want to move more freely too, don’t they? In fact, do you know anyone who doesn’t want to move more freely? In many cases, moving more freely also = less pain   It really isn’t that complicated, to be honest but we do need to consider…


I B***** LOVE This System!

How Would You Feel If We Made The Costs A Bit Easier For You?  Wowzers! It’s almost October already and that means we have just 5 of our amazing workshops remaining. What an incredible year this has been for everyone involved in the Biomechanics Education Academy. The Master Trainers have felt privileged to see so…


Are You Confused?

Are You Confused?   Have you been wondering what all this fuss is about Biomechanics Coaching™? Does it leave you feeling confused and wondering how on earth it can help you or your clients? Maybe you’re anxious that it is far too complex for you to apply within your PT sessions?   Well, let me…


Did You Know Bacon Can Cure Nosebleeds?

‘Bacon Can Cure Nosebleeds’ was an actual study done by researchers!   When you read research papers along with all the details surrounding them it really is quite fascinating and certainly, makes you think. Take this scientific study ‘Bacon Can Cure Nosebleeds’ as an example…. According to a study conducted by Ian Humphreys and his…



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