Anatomy 50 Shades Of Grey

Anatomy Is Pretty Grey… Movement Is More Black & White. Anatomy on the whole can be very a complex subject and a nightmare for some to learn and grasp. Yet there are very simple ways of applying what you NEED to know when it comes to initially analysing movement and exercise prescription. One of the…


Over Pronation Or Late Supination?

Foot Biomechanics has gone down a storm with fitness professionals when we have presented or lectured on this topic at events and conferences. In 2016, after a 1hr lecture a podiatrist approached me and stated… “Thank you, that 1 hour lecture has just made my entire podiatry degree make complete sense!”…. WOW! What a statement…


[Case Study] Elite Lifter Laura Hewitt

One of the things you are always asking me about is example case studies of people who have been to see a Biomechanics Coach™. So with her permission I wanted to share with you one of mine: Gold Medalist & British Champion in Olympic Weightlifting, Laura Hewitt Laura is still in her early 20’s but…


The Struggles Being A Personal Trainer

It is a daily struggle for PT’s with different clients, who have different bodies, different mobility issues and different goals. The one major questions is; which assessment/s should we use to identify the best exercise programme?   At level 3 we are taught simple tests like sit and reach, body composition or RPE but this…



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