iMoveFreely® – What is it?

  • A series of ‘exercise’ techniques to improve intrinsic function
  • Muscle energy techniques (anti spasms or muscle releases), nerve mobilisations & pure joint mobilisations. Along with strengthening & conditioning exercise principles.
  • An evidence based ‘system’ of exercise prescription known as Normalise, Stabilise, Functionalise.
  • Low grade & easy to perform by anyone of any level, ability or age.
  • A fundamental ‘Preparation for Movement’ programme
  • Delivered by qualified Biomechanics Coaches™, iMoveFreely® Instructors & Biomechanics Trainers™


These revolutionary techniques are the perfect way to prepare the body for movement. We live in a very different world today to the one our bodies are designed for and so they haven’t had time to evolve quickly enough to this new, more sedentary, lifestyle filled with technology. This is contributing to many of the physical changes and low grade niggles we, and our clients, are experiencing today.
This fabulous evidence based programme of specific techniques can be life changing for some and will give you results that standard exercise programmes are not.

These techniques can be done at your desk in the office, as a warm up prior to your usual exercise programme and even in the recovery station of your circuit class. They really are the safest ‘exercises’ on the planet!

This programme underpins what every single ‘exercise prescribing’ practitioner does from Personal Trainers, Manual therapists, fitness instructors to podiatrists and clinicians. It also enables us all to communicate better and therefore offer better ‘duty of care’ to our clients and participants.

The iMoveFreely® programme changed the way that I teach every class & client. I put this information into my Fitness Pilates, FFY & Conditioning programmes to help my clients improve their movement & prevent injury.
(iMoveFreely® Instructor Workshop) IT IS THE BEST COURSE THAT I HAVE EVER BEEN ON!”
Jayne Nicholls
Director Group X Training Ltd