Biomechanics Education Academy

Low Back Health Workshop

Gain a Deep Understanding of Clinical Conditions

That Affect Low Back Health

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    Do you have clients with low grade, low back pain?

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    Do YOU have low grade, low back pain?

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    Are you nervous about working with clients with medical conditions?

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    Do you feel you need to know more about working with people with clinical conditions?

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    Would you like to understand MRI’s scans and reports better?

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    Would you like more clarity on who you should and shouldn’t work with when it comes to clinical conditions?

Low Back Health Workshop Details and Schedule

While NOT a clinical qualification this workshop, which combines theory & practical, gives you a deeper understanding of clinical conditions that can affect low back health. Learn what an MRI scan or report is telling us, understand clinical conditions that may affect your client’s low back health & learn manual articulations of the spine.

We empower you to understand all this information! By teaching us ALL a common language we address what is known in the industry as ‘the missing link’ and help both health professional and personal trainers understand their clients needs.

We run a programme of courses throughout the year and are constantly adding dates to our events schedule, so keep checking in with us. Remember to sign up for Juicemail to keep up to date with all the latest news. Please select the venue and date that suits you best and reserve your place by clicking on the workshop of your choice.

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Workshops are held periodically throughout the year at North London School of Sports Massage & The Key Health Club in Keyworth, Nottingham.

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