Intrinsic Biomechanics Taster Workshop

£188.00 (£156.67 +VAT)

  • Do you have clients who struggle with range of movement in their squat?
  • Maybe your clients struggle to plank, down dog or roll down?
  • Want to understand how you can assess the reason why their ‘butt winks’?
  • Wish you knew why their shoulders just wont allow them to press overhead?
  • Do you have clients who cannot maintain a straight spine during dead lifts?
  • Do you have clients afraid to do certain exercises because of their physical limitations or even pain?
  • Would you like to see their movement improve before your very eyes?
  • Maybe YOU want to improve your own ability to move?

Learn how to:

•Assess where limitations are coming from with a simple evidence based screening programme 

•Learn the relevant techniques that improve movement & function of the pelvis, spine & shoulder

This unique one of kind workshop is aimed at passionate exercise professionals who want to increase their knowledge, understand anatomy better, prepare their clients for movement and learn some really cool gym floor tactics to gain more clients.

Plan of the day

Introduction to the Background & Research

Pelvic Biomechanics – In this section we look at evidence based manual assessments for the pelvis, including how to identify sub-clinical muscle spasm, the difference between structural v’s functional leg length discrepancy and a system of exercise application to improve pelvic function in your clients.

(Pelvic Function Screens)

Leg Length Discrepancy

Downings Sign

4 Sign

Relevant iMoveFreely® exercises & application

Spine Biomechanics – In this section we will show you how to asses & correct thoracic rotation. This stunning screen can literally be a game changer in so many ways.

(Spine Function Screen)

Thoracic Rotation mobility

Shoulder Biomechanics – In this section we will show you how to assess & correct shoulder function of one of the key muscles that directly influence posture and movement in your clients – right down to the feet!

(Shoulder Function Screen)

Pec Minor

Relevant iMoveFreely® exercises & application

The System

Screening forms – How to monitor (and show) your clients progress

Support – The Intrinsic Biomechanics Association (IBA), Guidance, Inter professional relations & referrals

Initial pathway towards Biomechanics Coach™ Diploma

This fantastic 1 day workshop is the perfect introduction into the world of intrinsic biomechanics.

Increase your confidence in understanding human movement.

Improve the way your clients move immediately with a simple evidence based system of screens and iMoveFreely® exercises and you will learn simple manual screens for muscle spasm, nerve tension & joint mobility.

Experience a deeper level of anatomy knowledge as you study a complimentary strength training programme designed to re-align muscle strength ratios.


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